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Money for nothing…

Last week I had a very pleasant experience. I went to the bank with two jars of change and cashed them in.

The jars were the regular plastic one kilogram peanut butter jars. I’d estimate they hold about a litre. Whenever I get home from any sort of shopping, like most other guys, I empty my pockets of change. After getting sick of it slowly covering most horizontal surfaces, I saved the peanut butter jars, cleaned them, and started using them as change-dumps. When I had two  jars filled, off to the bank I went. Imagine my delight when I learned the change totalled $866.89!

Granted that’s probably about three years of change, but like I said, a very pleasant experience!


Less or fewer?


Food for thought

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  1. Shawn

    Holy hell that’s a lot. Wonder how much you spent to amass so much change

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