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Lady Justice

This is Bruce MacKinnon’s editorial cartoon for September 29, 2018, as it appeared in Nova Scotia’s The Chronical Herald.

Despite being “just a cartoon,” it’s such a powerful and disturbing image.

I just hope the FBI manages to unearth some definitive information because I fear they won’t and Brett Kavanaugh will take a seat on the Supreme Court bench. The more moderate among us may find ourselves casting distrustful eyes on the Supreme Court for decades to come.

Hat tip: Jill Barber


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  1. Jessica

    Oh my god, that image makes me feel sick. At dinner the other day, my in-laws were discussing how “this woman is ruining Kavanaugh’s reputation.” Luckily, I was at the other end of the table chatting with my kids and I missed the conversation (my partner told me about it later). I’m not sure how I would have reacted in polite society!

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