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On a bit of a lark, I bought a pencil for my iPad. I don’t draw so it’s not terribly useful, but when the next iPadOS arrives in the fall, the Notes app will accept handwriting and convert it to text. It strikes me that would be a cool way to take notes at school… if the device can understand the mess you see before you! Because of these questions I didn’t buy an Apple Pencil, but a knock-off for $40. We’ll see how it goes.

For the record, I am extremely curious and skeptical about the handwriting recognition. Trying to view the above chicken-scratch with fresh eyes, the handwriting recognition will have to be exceptional!

On that note, the alt-text is there if you need it.


A strange four months


Subdivision signals


  1. Julie T

    My daughter does this for university. Her app permits her to draw graphs or diagrams, highlight important notes, block sections where the prof says “this will be on your exam”, make margin comments, etc. She has a tab for each subject all neatly stored on her ipad. She also uses a knockoff pencil. It’s brilliant & she doesn’t need to lug around any bulky books.…just a portable recharger for backup if needed.

    • Rick

      Thank you so much, Julie! After we talked, I downloaded GoodNotes and it’s pretty darn cool! I’m hoping that when iPadOS v14 adds extra features based on handwriting, GoodNotes incorporates them too. It’s only going to get better. Thanks again.

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