Politician: FAIL

Here is a tweet from my Member of Parliament:

What’s worse is that this post is typical of his tweets and Facebook posts. Does he tell his constituents what he’s doing for them? No. He’d rather take shots at the party in power. So he’s giving us what he thinks are reasons to not vote for them the next time an election rolls around. What he seems not to realize is he’s not giving us any reason to vote for him.

He’s simply perpetuating how voters typically vote against candidates and parties rather than vote for them.

I’ve tried to spur conversation by adding comments like, “So what have you been working on for us lately, Rob? Anything?” and I’ve never received a reply. In fact, I’ve never seen him reply to anyone. This all despite his claiming he set himself up in social media to stay connected with his constituents.

He’s utterly clueless about how social media works. He also seems unclear about the ‘representative’ part of representative democracy. Getting replies out of him, regardless of the medium, is not easy. Even then, it’s usually of no substance whatsoever.

Rob Nicholson acts as if he represents his party first, and his constituents last. So disappointing.

Attention readers…

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Cupcakes, mmmmm!

I was over at Julie’s house the other day and her youngest daughter decided to make cupcakes! Talk about being in the right place at the right time…

I present a photo of one of her creations, atop Julie’s (non-Plus) iPhone, for scale.

IMG_1373.HEIC: iPhone8, back camera @ 3.99mm, 1/4, f/1.8, 100 ISO

IMG_1373.HEIC: iPhone8, back camera @ 3.99mm, 1/4, f/1.8, 100 ISO

Bit-sized and delicious!