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Squirrel away deez nutz

4M6C0313.CR2: 5D Mk.III, EF 400mm 1:5.6L @ 1/250, f/5.6, 400 ISO

4M6C0313.CR2: 5D Mk.III, EF 400mm 1:5.6L @ 1/250, f/5.6, 400 ISO

Kitty ramp

You may recall that I posted early in 2014 about buying a 2×6 so the cat could get up onto my bookshelves. She wasn’t having any of it because the angle was a bit steep so I thought I’d wrap it in carpet.

4M6C3244.CR2: 5D Mk.III, EF 17–40mm 1:4L @ 22mm, 1/100, f/4, 1600 ISO

4M6C3244.CR2: 5D Mk.III, EF 17 – 40mm 1:4L @ 22mm, 1/100, f/4, 1600 ISO

As you can see, I didn’t wrap it in carpet. I wrapped it in ⅜″ twisted sisal rope. I read that’s the ideal material for a scratching post so in addition to wrapping the rope around the board, I wanted to make sure the rope would not move or shift. To accomplish this, I glued it. And I mean seriously glued it. It took nearly a year because I’d glue a 6″ length on one side, wait at least six hours, then flip the board, and glue the next 6″ length…over and over and over. This works out to 32 days per foot, assuming that I glue two 6″  lengths a day, which I did not always manage. This is why it took the better part of a year to complete. I just didn’t think about how long it would take when I started. It’s probably for the best because I’m not sure I would have started. I’m glad I finished it though.

When I completed the task, the cat wanted nothing to do with it! So I dropped the board down to one shelf below the top and lured her up by placing three treats along the board. Initially she would only eat the bottom treat because she could get to it from the top of the sofa. Eventually though, she went all the way up and I was so pleased. The elapsed time between buying the board and taking the photo above was about 14 months.

But damn it, mission accomplished!

Algonquin Park has moved?

Facebook posted this news story the other day:

One wonders why they used a photo of downtown Ottawa to head a story about an event in Algonquin park! That’s not Highway 60, it’s Rideau street. Note the Château Laurier right there behind the police cruiser.

Image capture from

Vote? Check!

Hurray for advance polls! My voting for this election is done. Make sure you cast your ballot too!

On a related topic, I saw this gem earlier today:

IMG_0717.jpg: iPhone5s, back camera @ 4.15mm, 1/2700, f/2.2, 32 ISO

Lakeside view

Earlier today I posted a photo on Facebook. I took it with my phone to show I was on the shore of Lake Ontario. Well, you don’t think I would take only a mobile phone photo, do you?! In fact, one of the reasons I went to Niagara-on-the-Lake was to take another photo of the Toronto skyline, across the lake. Voilà:

4M6C3504.CR2: 5D Mk.III, EF 400mm 1:5.6L @ 1/250, f/8, 400 ISO with tripod

4M6C3504.CR2: 5D Mk.III, EF 400mm 1:5.6L @ 1/250, f/8, 400 ISO with tripod

I love the fog. It was also nearing sunset, thus the colour.

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