People be crazy!

Last month, Fox News contributor Katherine Timpf ripped on Star Wars fans. She said,

I have never had any interest in watching space nerds poke each other with their little space nerd sticks, and I’m not going to start now1

Katherine Timpf

Katherine Timpf2

She says it was a joke. To me, it sounds like a heady mix of being mean and dismissive. And why? Who knows. She must be a few decades behind the times and still thinks not liking Star Wars is an indicator of one’s cool-cred.

I’m not exactly clear on the timeline events, but she tweeted something else a few days ago and the Internet apparently exploded. She started receiving death threats. And that is an entirely disproportionate response for simply being an ass. But the anger? I understand it. She goes out of her way to insult people and what they enjoy, and of course they’re not going to send her love notes and ask for more insults! Strike out at people, and some of them will <ahem> strike back.

Yesterday she wrote an article on why she wasn’t going to apologize. Basically, she said that her first amendment rights allow her to say anything she pleases. Of course she’s right, but has she not yet figured out that the first amendment says nothing about consequences? Those can sometimes be awkward. Poke the wasp’s nest and what do you expect?

In particular, this beauty was included in the article:

Yesterday I tweeted something, and all I said was that I wasn’t familiar with Star Wars because I’ve been too busy liking cool things and being attractive.3

If I may paraphrase Prudence Glynn, ‘Attractiveness is something other people have. The merest inkling that you yourself may be in possession of the commodity is enough to ensure that you are not.‘4 Simple physical beauty is easy to see. All-around attractiveness is another matter.

The most curious thing is that Timpf said she was astonished at the reaction. Remember she contributes to Fox News, for goodness sakes!

I certainly echo her thoughts about those who have gone too far in their reactions, but she’s otherwise being entirely disingenuous in her ham-fisted attempt to portray the victim.


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  4. Style is something other people have. The merest inkling that you yourself may be in possession of the commodity is enough to ensure that you are not, for style, like the Victoria Cross, is an accolade which must be bestowed by the recognition of a third party” >Prudence Glynn (1980)(1935–1986)
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Winter Driving

…you can read every online tip on winter car control, but be honest, all the theory in world won’t make you as handy on ice as your average Finnish racer. Finns are born with frost in their blood, and vodka in their glovebox. They do not fear snow, or ice, or moose, or awkward silences.

Sam Philip
Top Gear’s Very Sensible And Practical Winter Driving Tips,” November 24, 2015

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Bad blood

It’s not exactly breaking news, but Miley Cyrus is feeling that she hasn’t been treated fairly. You see, she frequently performs half-nude and is criticized for it. Then Taylor Swift came out with her Bad Blood video and nobody batted an eye. Swift isn’t in any state if undress, but rather Cyrus criticizes her for promoting violence, which say claims is far worse that nudity.

In a nutshell, Swift’s video is about betrayal. She and her crew are in the midst of a robbery. Swift gets her hands on the briefcase that’s the object of the heist just to have her fellow robber, Selena Gomez, betray her by grabbing the briefcase and pushing her out a window. The bulk of the video is then about Swift assembling a force of women to go against Gomez’s gang and settle things. We’re introduced to Swift’s group one or two at a time as they train for the confrontation. Then at the end, the two groups meet up, and the video fades to black just before things get started.

There’s no gunplay in the video and the only violence we see is a number of sparring sessions, and some fighting involving punching and kicking very reminiscent of what you might see in a Xena: Warrior Princess battle. About this, Cyrus says, “And I’m a bad role model because I’m running around with my titties out? I’m not sure how titties are worse than guns.”†

Even ignoring that no gun violence appears in Swift’s video, Cyrus’s issues are not correctly directed at Swift. Rather her problem is with her society in general. It’s not Swift who determines what upsets people.

And I’d further suggest to Cyrus that if she wants to be taken seriously, she use adult language. Titties? That’s ridiculous, not edgy.


†“Miley Cyrus blasts Taylor Swift” posted August 8, 2015 on

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Caption writer, you’re fired!

This is the worst caption I’ve read in quite some time. First the image:

And the caption:

Taylor Swift relaxes at the Beaufort Bar, in the Savoy hotel, on the eve of her concert in London’s Hyde Park.

Her head on the floor, her bottom on the sofa, and one leg in the air…it sounds more like the middle of sex than a relaxing repose. Of course the pose is silly to begin with, but the caption takes it to another level.


Photo by Mario Testing, from the Vanity Fair article, “Judge Uses Taylor Swift Lyrics to Dismiss Lawsuit Against Taylor Swift.”

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Kitty ramp

You may recall that I posted early in 2014 about buying a 2×6 so the cat could get up onto my bookshelves. She wasn’t having any of it because the angle was a bit steep so I thought I’d wrap it in carpet.

20150412-222018 5D3 4M6C3244.CR2: 5D Mk.III, EF 17-40mm 1:4L @ 22mm, 1/100, f/4, 1600 ISO
File: 20150412–222018 5D3 4M6C3244.CR2
EXIF: 5D Mk.III, EF 17–40mm 1:4L @ 22mm, 1/100, f/4, 1600 ISO

As you can see, I didn’t wrap it in carpet. I wrapped it in ⅜″ twisted sisal rope. I read that’s the ideal material for a scratching post so in addition to wrapping the rope around the board, I wanted to make sure the rope would not move or shift. To accomplish this, I glued it. And I mean seriously glued it. It took nearly a year because I’d glue a 6″ length on one side, wait at least six hours, then flip the board, and glue the next 6″ length…over and over and over. This works out to 32 days per foot, assuming that I glue two 6″  lengths a day, which I did not always manage. This is why it took the better part of a year to complete. I just didn’t think about how long it would take when I started. It’s probably for the best because I’m not sure I would have started. I’m glad I finished it though.

When I completed the task, the cat wanted nothing to do with it! So I dropped the board down to one shelf below the top and lured her up by placing three treats along the board. Initially she would only eat the bottom treat because she could get to it from the top of the sofa. Eventually though, she went all the way up and I was so pleased. The elapsed time between buying the board and taking the photo above was about 14 months.

But damn it, mission accomplished!

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