I hadn’t planned on writing today, but I was sorting through some of the miscellaneous papers on my desk and came across a magazine ad that has a photo I completely love (below). Not only is it a really terrific photograph on its own, but there’s more to it. In a way, it represents something I’m looking for. Certainly you’ve heard me bitch, whine, and complain in these pages about not being in a relationship, and that’s certainly part of it.

What it’s not about is an attractive woman naked in a bathtub so I can run in there and have sex with her. It’s far more domestic…more like what I might see if I were to go into the bathroom for Tylenol or something. Without a word, I’d get my medicine and stray over there to plant a kiss on her cheek before leaving again. It’s just such a beautifully homey and comfortable scene, especially with my own embellishment added.

Someday, my friends. Someday. She’s out there.

Image ©2000 SC Johnson