I was goofing around on the web last night while chatting with Amanda and stumbled across a site called Actress Fever, which seemed an ideal place to search for the photos I’d planned to post with my ‘list.’ I hadn’t narrowed it down to just ten women at that point, but browsing the Actress Fever gallery helped me do this. When I started collecting names for consideration, there were a few that I knew would make it to the final ten. Once I seriously started reviewing the names, I quickly realised that the women I selected were there for one or two reasons. There were some that were simply attractive, and there others that were very talented. In most cases there was a mixture of both. There are women that I’d just like to sit and talk to, and I don’t need special dispensation for that. Therefore, this list is strictly for those I’d like permission to sleep with.

Gillian Anderson, Jenna Elfman, Lauren Graham, Carla Gugino, Ashley Judd.

Don’t think for a second that I don’t realise how ridiculous this all sounds! Perhaps I’m over-analysing this all, but I wanted to try to explain some of the reasoning behind my choices. Cathy Rogers, Janeane Garofalo, and Jodie Foster were three that didn’t make this list because they’re all very successful in more than one field and I’d love the opportunity to talk to them. Am I saying that they’re too talented? No, not at all, but there’s more in life than just sex! Heck, their multifaceted talents only add to their appeal in my eyes. I know that strong and successful women intimidate some men, but I don’t think that I’m one of those men.

Carrie-Anne Moss, Molly Shannon, Mira Sorvino, Maura Tierney, Christy Burlington.

None of that is to take away from the women pictured here, of course. They’re all more than just pretty faces too! But I had to limit my choices to only ten, and I know I’m doing a poor job of explaining some of my thinking. Sometimes my brain works in ways which words cannot describe.

Marylou commented positively on seeing Molly Shannon in my preliminary list because she’s in her mid-thirties. The idea of large age differences in a partner has never really appealed to me when that difference spans maturity levels. As much as I might think Anna Paquin is seriously attractive, that she’s nineteen makes any thought of an encounter almost comedic in its ridiculousness. At the same time, some older women underwent serious consideration. Ally Sheedy, Katie Couric, Isabella Rossellini, and Linda Blair all were semi-finalists. I want more than ten spots, dammit!

While we’re talking about ages, the average age of the ten women is 33, with the oldest 36 and the youngest 29. The images are in alphabetical order by last name.

Okay, let me make something clear here. Regarding the list I made above, I’m not a psycho-stalker or other deviant. What I’ve done is just a neat thought exercise. Also don’t think I’m some creepy guy because Marylou is in the process of making her list as well, which has been interesting for me. Interesting both in the choices she’s made so far and that she’s having trouble thinking of ten men while I had trouble narrowing it down to just ten women. Hehehe.

Photos of my top ten from Actress Fever.