About a month ago, I heard some kids playing outside. This was very soon after the nice weather started so it was no surprise. They were either on a balcony on my side of the building, or behind the building at ground level. I heard a ball bouncing and some yelling. It made me think of how much fun a few kids could have with nothing but a ball.

Later, I thought they really must were giving the ball a workout because the last series of bounces was much louder than the earlier ones. Minutes later, I saw movement on my balcony in my peripheral vision and it scared the shit out of me. No one should’ve been out there! Sure, you know the kids’ ball somehow landed on my balcony but it never occurred to me at the time. The ball is still there. I’ve been waiting for the kids to knock at my door and ask for the ball, but they haven’t come.

I’m certainly not upset about it … on the contrary, it amuses me. Meanwhile, the wind still blows the ball around my balcony.