While we’re talking about being lost, sometimes what the politicians don’t say is even more interesting than what they do say. Harper’s been dancing around the pink elephant in the room. During the last federal election, part of his plan was to put the kibosh on same-sex marriage. The Conservatives lost and this time around he hasn’t said a word about it. I had a look at the party’s web site and there’s no mention of it. The closest it comes is saying they’re “Standing Up for Family” in the Key Issues section. Clicking on the link, it then says:

Families are the building block of society. Yet Liberal policies have undermined family and made it harder to get the services, such as health care, that you need. A new government must help parents financially with the cost of raising children, cut medical waiting lists, and protect seniors’ hard-won gains.

While it doesn’t come out and say it, I believe their saying the Liberals have undermined family is the closest they’ll ever come to being explicit about same-sex marriage.

Paul Martin knows that although a passionate group is against same-sex marriage, the majority are not, so he’s been pushing Harper to plainly state his the party line on the topic. An excellent strategy, really. I wonder if Harper will rise to the occasion and state his party’s stance clearly. The Conservatives are at a disadvantage no matter what they do about this issue.