In a struggle to be happy and free

Drystone Wall

Keep the peace

CRW_03666.CRW: Digital Rebel, EF 17–40mm 1:4L @ 35mm, 6s, f/8, 100 ISO

CRW_03666.CRW: Digital Rebel, EF 17 – 40mm 1:4L @ 35mm, 6s, f/8, 100 ISO

Designed by sculptor Jack Harman, urban designer Richard Henriquez, and landscape architect Cornelia Oberlander, the peacekeeping monument is called The Reconciliation.


In a same-sex corner


A flat tire, and it got worse


  1. Jason

    Love the pics man!

  2. Vixen

    Cool pics! Did you get any comments from strangers when using the tripod?

  3. No Vix…it was about 8pm when I took them and no one came even remotely near me while I took photos around the National Gallery and the peace monument. I took some photos of the mint and noticed a few people looking at me as they drove by, but that was about it. There I was on a sidewalk right beside the road where for the others I was away from the street.

    Come to think of it, the experience was amazingly solitary experience for being downtown on a Saturday evening.

  4. Vixen

    That does surprise me, especially downtown like that!

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