My relationship with ‘the quiet’ seems to still be undergoing a change. I went out to a birthday party Wednesday. I went to Jessica’s Thursday, and Lori’s on Friday. Saturday evening I went out to another birthday gathering. This evening Jessica came by for two episodes of Firefly. After having plans and socializing for the last five days, I still felt like calling people during the times when I was here alone. I haven’t felt this way in many years. I’m not sure if I passed ‘normal’ and kept going, or if people feel this way all the time. That said, I do miss being friends with the quiet … a little, but not too much. It’s nice to get out too. The key is striking a good balance, I think.

I took my tripod to the birthday gathering I went to on Saturday. The get together was at The Earl of Sussex on Sussex avenue. I figured if I was going down there, and if I’d have all my camera gear with me, I might as well take the tripod and indulge myself was some night photos of the city. I’m glad I did too! It’s been a while since I’ve taken any photos and I need to reverse the trend.

The Earl of Sussex is across the street from The National Gallery of Canada, and they’ve got the most bizarre sculpture on display in the museum’s plaza. Titled Maman by Louise Bourgeois, it’s a bronze sculpture of a spider. What makes it a real attention grabber is it’s 9×9×10 metres in size!

CRW_03664: Digital Rebel, EF 17-40mm 1:4L @ 22mm, 8s, f/8, 100 ISO

I absolutely adore the entry title. The older I get, the more I appreciate a pleasant turn of phrase. This is even more true when it states something fairly common in an unusual way. If it approaches poetry in its simplicity, beauty, and imagery, all the better. The phrase I used for the title does all these things.