IMG_2048.CR2: 30D, EF 85mm 1:1.8 @ 1/320, f/2.8, 100 ISOFinally, it’s winter! Here’s hoping you all had a great holiday! I went to visit my folks and spent more than a week down their way. It was really nice. The drive was unexpectedly good given the unseasonable temperatures. There was a smattering of snow earlier in the month, but with more above-freezing days than not, any snow we received didn’t last long. Even night-time low temperatures below freezing were surprisingly unusual last year. Sucks for the skiers, but a nice for everyone who has a driveway to keep clear of snow.

Today however, it was really winter. The high just made it to –7° and tonight’s low is a balmy –13°. I say balmy because the temperatures will keep dropping through Tuesday until it reaches nearly –25° for Tuesday night. It’s odd that the daytime high is lower than the previous night’s low! The only trade-off is with temperatures like this, there’s rarely snow.

This morning was more than the usual drive into work. It’s the first significant snowfall of the season. The nervous drivers were being their nervous selves so the commute was far longer than it normally is. As you can see in the two images here, the visibility was limited, but enough for driving. Nothing to freak out about. The commute was far longer than it would be for a similar snowfall later in the season when everyone will be more used to it. I hope.

And speaking of the holidays, look at me not updating! While I can’t entirely blame my preparations for the holidays for keeping me from chewing your ears (eyes? Yech!), it was a factor. And afterward, the old saw about it being more difficult to get back into something after a long absence certainly holds true.

IMG_2049.CR2: 30D, EF 85mm 1:1.8 @ 1/400, f/2.8, 100 ISO