Yea baby, winter’s here! Last time I wrote you of its arrival, and it hasn’t left since. In the last three weeks, the cold has been intense and consistent enough that a short two kilometre stretch of the canal opened last weekend for skating. This is more an indicator than you might imagine because the ice is only deemed safe once it reaches a thickness of twenty-five to thirty centimetres. That’s a lot of ice to form in just two weeks. As of this weekend, seven kilometres, the NAC to Dows Lake, is available for your skating pleasure.

In the last three weeks, there have been days where the high has barely climbed out of the minus twenties. Night-time lows have dipped to nearly minus thirty! Still, I think it’s about time. If all the leaves are going to fall off the trees and we have to wear coats outdoors, it might as well be serious and get all snowy. The only problem for me is the heater in my car isn’t working properly. On the colder days, I can still see water-vapour condensing out of my breath after my journey home from work. On the other hand, you should see the condensation when I first get into the car! Still, I ought to have the heater looked at.