Paris goes to jail. I particularly like the looks of concern plainly visible on the faces of the LAPD officers.

Paris Hilton was released from jail this week. She served 23 days of her 45 day sentence. Just before her release, her mother said,

Paris is doing really well, she is really looking forward to going home, and she thanks you in the press who supported her. She wants to be with the family and she can’t wait to take that orange suit off. She’s sick of orange, but her health is good.

Sick of orange. Lovely. I’m glad she had time for soul-searching and to ponder what she did. For me, I’m sick and tired of all the news reports about her, but the photograph of her drive to jail made it all worthwhile.

It’s like one of those heart-warming images they show in the MasterCard commercials with the caption, “priceless.”

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