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Free cruise!

Earlier I got a call that made me mad. It was one of those automated calls telling me to press 9 if I wanted to claim the free cruise that I won. I pressed 9, to get myself taken off their call list. A woman answered and I admit I was a little fascinated that people would get sucked into this kind of thing. I went along, wanting to see where it would go. Certainly I would not give any personal information, and definitely no credit card number. Of course this is where they were going.

So the deal was I’d get a free cruise if I agreed to attend a 90 minute presentation about timeshares in Florida. I never did find out how I’d be getting to Florida. She grew a little short with me when I told her I wasn’t interested in the 90 minute presentation. She asked why I pressed 9 if I didn’t want the free trip. I told her I certainly did want the free trip. She told me I’d have to attend the presentation. I replied, “Well, then the trip isn’t exactly free, is it?”

We continued back and forth, debating whether the trip is really free … until she hung up on me!

My initial anger was because they called at all, and because their automated dialer is illegal when used to call Canada. But once we started talking, I wanted to make the call last. I was then upset that she hung up on me so quickly. In thinking about it further, I was also upset that I didn’t check with my robots about the cruise!

I dialled *69 and learned their number is (727) 831‑2410. I called the number and got a fake “your call cannot be completed as dialled” message. Checking the Internettubes, I found a message thread on one site with 255 replies about having received calls from the same number. The Florida telemarketer seems interested in marks from Québec and Ontario.

The weirdest part of this whole experience is I really hope they call back!


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  1. Jonathan

    Got a cruise call like that before as well. I pressed 9 and talked to a guy who said the company name so fast I asked him to repeat it. After having to ask him to repeat it a couple more times I asked him to spell it, instead he hung up on me. I too felt a little mad but after a while I felt good about wasting his time. Hooray for small, petty, self congratulatory pleasures!

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