The weather’s nutty. Here we are in January and it’s 4.6° on my balcony. It’s after 11pm as I write this but the temperature will rise through the night toward tomorrow’s forecast high of 10°. The snow that’s accumulated on my balcony has completely melted away over the last day or so. After an extremely cold December with lots of snow, we’ve got a week coming with no daytime highs forecast to be below freezing. The highs for Monday and Tuesday are forecast to be 10° and 9° respectively. What’s that all about? My only concern is for the days that will be colder. The night temperatures are likely to go below freezing so we’ll have some slippery mornings.

The owner of this vehicle may not have to contend with all this snow. Given the forecast temperatures, the weather may free it from its snowy shackles.

As much as I dislike when the seasons can’t seem to make up their minds, a thaw might be a good thing. On my way to Kendra’s place today, I noticed a person backing out of their driveway even though I was coming down the street. The snow piled on the side of the road was high enough that they could not look to see if traffic was coming before backing part-way into the street!

Given how cold it was in December, I thought there was a chance we’d see the canal opened for skating before Christmas. It wasn’t to be, and now the delay will be much longer. Ah well, it’ll happen eventually. It’s not like I’m going to go skating or anything.