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I really dislike when my doctor sends me for tests and tells me if the results are of any concern, they’ll call. Of course, if there’s no problem, they won’t call. I do understand that they do this to save much time and trouble. The trouble on my end is I also understand that people are human, and make mistakes. Sure it’s very unusual, but it does happen that results come back and a very sick patient is not called.

My doctor is fantastic and the only way I’ll get another is if I move very far away, but when she orders tests and tells me they’ll call if there’s a problem, I still call them a few weeks later and ask about the results.

I’m reminded of this because of a far less serious situation I experienced earlier this week.

On Tuesday, I went to CD Warehouse to get Rush’s Snakes & Arrows, Live CD. It was released that day, so I went that day. Coincidentally, I received a call from CD Warehouse last week informing me that the copy of Rush’s Snakes & Arrows MVI DVD I ordered had arrived and was ready for me to pick up.

This call came as quite a surprise because the DVD is a limited edition and I asked how likely they were to be able to get it for me. I was told they should be able to get it, but if it didn’t arrive in 3 or 4 weeks, it likely wasn’t coming at all. Fine, I thought. I waited, heard nothing, and ordered it from Amazon and have been enjoying it ever since.

When I was there on Tuesday, I explained as I paid for the new CD that I would not be needing the one they ordered for me. I said I had ordered it early this year or perhaps even last year and was told that if I didn’t have it in a month, it was probably not coming. It didn’t arrive, so I bought it elsewhere.

He looked it up, and was surprised to see I had actually ordered it in June! Seriously, after ten months they call and say the disc I ordered has arrived like nothing is out of the ordinary? I wasn’t upset, just amazed.

I would prefer to buy locally, but music stores must be on life support. With many preferring the convenience, savings, and immediate gratification of digital downloads, and those who prefer CDs having access to a ridiculous selection and lower prices through online retailers, there are precious few brick-and-mortar music stores left, and their numbers continue to dwindle.

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  1. WTL

    I’m surprised to see people still buy CDs given that online music stores like iTunes and eMusic make it to easy (and *fast*) to get music. I switched to 100% digital shortly after the iTMS store went live in Canada

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