I admit it. Sometimes I do not go into things with the most positive frame of mind. In this case, Mariah Carey’s new album is called E=MC2 and despite the flub in having the ‘MC’ in caps, I was curious if she had any clue what the equation means. I don’t really expect her to know much physics, after all.

It’s worse than I thought. According to “Mariah Carey calculations add up to her 18th No 1 hit” by Nui Te Koha posted on news.com.au,

Mimi flunked remedial-level numbers at school. In Mimi’s world, e=mc2 means Emancipation equals Mariah Carey to the power of two.

“Mariah to the second power means I am showing you more of who I am, as opposed to people forcing me to be someone else,” Carey says.

Rather than a 38-year-old woman, she sounds like an idiot. Presumably, this is who she is rather than what people are forcing her to be. Imagine my surprise in discovering that I was approaching this situation with a far more positive frame of mind than it deserved.

Album cover ©2008 Universal Music Group, I imagine.