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That was quick!

I received a response from Mr. Gustavson twenty minutes after sending my query. When I saw the address, I assumed it was an auto-responder. Here’s his answer:

From: John Gustavson
Subject: FW: Regarding the letter to the editor
To: Rick Pali
Date: Fri, 11 Apr 2008 13:38:12 ‑0400

Dear Mr. Pali,

Thank you very much for your e‑mail. You are absolutely correct. Once a consumer has notified a company or organization not to call them then the organization must comply, even if exempt from the DNC. I was referring in my letter to the general case where a consumer has not previously withdrawn consent and a marketer can call customers even if they have registered on the DNC. Until reading your e‑mail it hadn’t occurred to me that my letter might be interpreted as asserting a right to call after consent to do so had been withdrawn. I will be more careful in my phrasing in future and thank you for drawing this to my attention.


John Gustavson
President and Chief Executive Officer
Canadian Marketing Association
1 Concorde Gate, Suite 607, Don Mills, Ontario M3C 3N6
(416) 644‑3756 |

I have some thoughts about this, but they’ll have to wait until later.


Open letter to John Gustavson


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  1. Shawn

    Damn impressive!!!

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