Lord, save us from the content providers. If there has ever been a large group of people who fit the description of ‘professional victims,’ it’s them.

In an on-stage interview at the Ad:Tech conference, George Kliavkoff, chief digital officer at NBC Universal, said,

If you look at studies about MP3 players, especially leading MP3 players and what portion of that content is pirated, and think about how that content gets onto that device, it has to go through a gatekeeping piece of software, which would be a convenient place to put some antipiracy measures.

Wouldn’t that be lovely? George wants iTunes start giving me a hard time about what music and video I load on my iPod. Yes, that’s the way to increase sales. At least the movie and TV people aren’t suing the same people they want to buy their products.

Not yet, anyway.

Hat tip to MacUser