Dates: May 23 to May 24
Odometer: 16077 to 16650
Distance travelled: 573.3
Fuel used: 26.997 litres

Calculated fuel economy:
4.71 l/100 km
49.9 miles/US gallon
60.0 miles/imperial gallon

When I go visit my family, I typically do not refill the car while I’m there. I drive down, ferry my mother around during the week, then make it as far back as I can before filling up. This time however, I filled up the week before and had plenty to make the trip. As coincidence would have it, the fuel warning light came on the day before I returned home, so I filled up. Never having seen the fuel economy figures from a highway-only drive, I filled up upon my return this afternoon.

The numbers are good. Unfortunately, I did take my traditional route which involves about 30 kilometres of rural and suburban roads. If I would have stayed on the highway, I may have made it to 50 miles/US gallon. Ah well, this is good too!