Sometimes it’s the little things that make for compelling writing. I’ve been referred to the blog of Seth Godin twice in two days now. The second time I read more of his writing and really enjoyed what he had to say. He’s in business and marketing, which is not an area of primary interest to me. Still, an interesting viewpoint can make virtually any topic interesting.

This is a somewhat whimsical example, taken from a post called “Packaging for retail.”

Those stickers on digital cameras that say things like “8 megapixels”. Why is there a sticker on the camera that you don’t even see until you’ve already purchased it?

Because one out of 100 boxes are opened by the store to put on display. By stickering ALL the cameras, they can be sure to get that sticker on the one that gets in the case… I am just fascinated by this. It seems so clever. The mystery is why the digital photos that they provide to Amazon et. al. don’t have the stickers affixed.

I’ve added Seth Godin’s Blog to my RSS reader.