Although time zones are really useful, people seem not to completely understand them.

The new version of Firefox is to be released today at 10am. I went to get it at 10am and found only the old version. Checking elsewhere revealed that the release is at 10am PDT. I was three hours early. And God forbid the Firefox site itself would state when the download would be available.

I later ran across a reference from another source and it claimed the software would be available at 10am PST. There’s a one hour difference between Pacific Standard Time and Pacific Daylight Time.

Since most everyone is now on daylight savings time, why quote a time that doesn’t take it into account? Of course they did post the PDT time, but incorrectly labelled it as a PST time. For goodness sakes, just call it PT already.

Even better, let’s get rid of daylight savings time entirely.