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Spam (for Mongo)

With all the spam telling me what a big/scary/giant/massive/pornstar/long dick/penis/wang/rod/tool/fuck-stick/bolt/monster/baby-maker I could have by using their all-natural/blue/sexy/yellow/enhancement/pornstar pills/remedy/medication/prescriptions, some spam has become blatantly insulting. I’ve received messages with these subject lines:

You look really stupid rpali


what a stupid face you have here rpali

Seriously, who would even open these messages? Even if I were interested in hearing this kind of thing from someone I know, these subject lines wouldn’t trick me into open the messages because someone I know wouldn’t address me as rpali.

People fall for this crap?


My knapsack on my back


The Gas Secret

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  1. Jason

    I can’t believe you didn’t open my emails rpali

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