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Nom de plume?

The coolest name I’ve seen on FaceBook to date: Jennifer Covert. This may indeed be her real name, but it makes for a fabulous pseudonym.

While we’re on about FaceBook, I hate when people use a photo of their pet as their profile photo. Yea, you don’t want to use a real photo. I get that. You’ve got a photo album to which you can upload your photos, so why look like you’re claiming to be a cat?

And you guessed it, I’ve signed up again. I still loathe their terms of service, but I will not upload any photos (except a thumbnail for my profile) and I certainly won’t complete all the info I can possibly enter in my profile. The people who do this much be a market’s dream come true.

As much as I loathed signing up again, there are a huge number of people using the service so I couldn’t resist in looking some of them up.


The little car that couldn’t


The little car that couldn’t, part II

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  1. WTL

    Heh. It can be a bit of a black hole if you *aren’t* on it — you don’t hear about things that are happening. Facebook seems to be a place people like to use to organize events and what not because it’s *easy*.

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