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I had a package to mail so to the postal outlet I went. I expected the postal worker to figure out the cost, and stick a label to the envelope indicating what I paid. You know, instead of a stamp. Instead, he suggested I use an ExpressPost envelope because it’s faster, simpler, and only 50¢ more. Sounds like a deal! Except the envelope I prepared was slightly too large to fit in the ExpressPost envelope. Making it fit would’ve possibly caused trouble for the contents.

I suggested to the postal worker that straight-up regular delivery would be best, then. So does he print out the nice postage sticker for me? No, he gives me stamps. Lots of stamps. It never occurred to me at the time that the stamps he gave me would cover a significant area of the front of the envelope. But they certainly do (addresses redacted):

IMG_5394.CR2: 30D, EF 50mm 1:1.4 @ 1/60, f/5.6, 400 ISO

IMG_5394.CR2: 30D, EF 50mm 1:1.4 @ 1/60, f/5.6, 400 ISO

What kind of postal presentation is that? It’s embarrassing. I brought it to work because I hadn’t written the latter I needed to enclose, and I wouldn’t show it to Don because of how ridiculous it looks. I eventually relented because it’s not really fair to tell the story and not show the goods, right?

He laughed and told me I had to take a picture of it, not because the stamps cover so much of the front of the package, but rather because most of the stamps are so large. It’s like the postal worker was upset with me and indulged in some payback.

And about the stamps themselves: Raymond Burr! Canadian! Who knew? Not I.




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  1. Brett

    hence the ‘trend’ to avoid such processes?

  2. Dee

    If your recipient is a stamp collector, that envelope will be dreamy! I actually think it looks pretty neat (but, then again, I have odd tastes and I live with a philatelist [no, I did not say I have odd tastes *because* I live with a philatelist!]).

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