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More weight loss

On August 2 I wrote that my weight dropped to just 170.5 lbs, my lowest in at least ten years.

Imagine my surprise when this morning, the scale flashed 168 lbs at me! I said that I must start eating better food to replace the junk I’ve stopped eating, but it’s clear that I haven’t done enough in the interim. My being such a picky eater isn’t helping. With a BMI of 20.4 I’ve just entered the bottom third of the normal range.

Frig, this blows. The losing is supposed to be the hard part, not the stopping of even more loss!


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  1. Cathy

    Quit bragging! Haven’t you been working hard to be fit? That’s the result!! Better muscle tone and less flab! Don’t worry, you won’t keep losing, jut until you achieve a balance.

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