I watched 75 minutes of television last night. Three episodes of Weeds. That’s more TV than I’ve watched in one night in a month!

Season three of Weeds was recently released on DVD and I was eager to get it. I really like Mary-Louise Parker. If there a woman who personifies ‘quirky,’ it’s her. The show itself is a remarkably good time as well.

Here’s the dope:

When her husband suddenly dies, Nancy Botwin (Parker) finds herself facing financial ruin. She’s got two kids, a large mortgage to pay, and no income. What would you do? Of course the answer is obvious…you’d become the neighbourhood pot dealer. Everybody wants what you’re selling, even a city councilman. What could possibly go wrong?

Do yourself a favour and find out.

Weeds photo ©2006 Mark Seliger/Showtime