Lord deliver us from religious control! Religion still doesn’t know what to make of sex, it is therefore bad and must be controlled. That’s what it’s all about isn’t it? Control?

I just saw a sticker on Facebook that says “Stay pure wait until marriage.” Putting aside the lack of punctuation, this message really rubs me the wrong way.

If you want to avoid sex, that’s your business. I support your choice. Save it until you’re married if that’ll make you happy. If you think it’ll put you in the big G’s good graces, then more power to you. Religion goes wrong when it equates a lack of sex with purity. The message indirectly says that sex is impure and dirty. No wonder religion is so twisted up about it.

Sex is not dirty or impure. If you believe it is, I’m sorry you’ve bought into the church’s control over you. The rest of us will appreciate it for what it is and not gladly accept a crushing weight of needless baggage.

Graphic uploaded to Facebook by Sheena Harrell.