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Not the organ I had in mind

A print ad from Re-Born to be Alive, the Belgian Organ Donor Foundation:



Hat tip to via Des.

Repressed much?

Avenue Q, the touring off-Broadway show is coming to Colorado Springs, Colorado on March 16 and 17. Their ad posters aren’t welcome, however. The oversized posters, designed for placement in bus shelters, feature a larger-than-life photograph of the bikini-clad cleavage of the show’s character, Lucy the Slut.

The ad agency the show’s producer hired to advertise the Avenue Q Colorado Springs performances had no issue with the posters until one of the firm’s executives saw it. He said he didn’t think it was appropriate for the conservative nature of the city.

I know you’re just chomping at the bit to see it, so chomp no more:

Oh, did I forget to mention that the show has puppets and Lucy the Slut is one of these puppets?

That’s right. Puppet cleavage is too racy for the city’s conservative residents.

Poster ©2009 Avenue Q. Hat tip to The Colorado Springs Gazette.

Sign me up! …oh.

The site is a WordPress design and development blog. They asked 21 WordPress theme designers, developers, and bloggers, “Why WordPress?” I use WordPress to power this site so I was curious to see what they’d say. One particular reason caught my eye:

I began using WordPress after a short stint with Blogger — the ability to self host a website, with an incredible backend that was easy to use appealed to me the most. Coupled with a template system that was relatively easy to grasp and I knew I was in the right platform.

-Brian Gardner

Is it any surprise I use it too? I find it difficult to resist an incredible back end that’s easy to grasp.

Truckloads of wisdom

Don passed along a copy of Mens’ Health Living that he was finished with. One regular ‘question and answer’ feature is called “Johnny the Contractor.” Readers can submit questions regarding home repairs involving contractors. This one was of particular interest:

I just got a bid from a carpenter. Nice guy, but he’s a one-man operation. How can I tell if he’s a pro?

Andrew, Tucson, AZ

You can learn more about a carpenter from his truck than from is résumé. The next time he swings by, meet him in the driveway and peek into his flatbed. Is it scraped up and dinged? Good. Those are battle scars from years of hard work. Next, check the cab. Is the passenger seat littered with trash? Bad sign — that’s how he’s going to leave your house at the end of each day. Finally, look at the gearshift. Is it an automatic? Run! Men who are good with their hands drive sticks.

[Emphasis mine.] So if you didn’t know this, ladies, you do now.

Baggage control

Lord deliver us from religious control! Religion still doesn’t know what to make of sex, it is therefore bad and must be controlled. That’s what it’s all about isn’t it? Control?

I just saw a sticker on Facebook that says “Stay pure wait until marriage.” Putting aside the lack of punctuation, this message really rubs me the wrong way.

If you want to avoid sex, that’s your business. I support your choice. Save it until you’re married if that’ll make you happy. If you think it’ll put you in the big G’s good graces, then more power to you. Religion goes wrong when it equates a lack of sex with purity. The message indirectly says that sex is impure and dirty. No wonder religion is so twisted up about it.

Sex is not dirty or impure. If you believe it is, I’m sorry you’ve bought into the church’s control over you. The rest of us will appreciate it for what it is and not gladly accept a crushing weight of needless baggage.

Graphic uploaded to Facebook by Sheena Harrell.

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