I did it. You won’t believe it, but I bought a mobile phone.

The thing is, I’m out a lot more now, and it was becoming a real pain to contact people, and especially be contacted. But I did not get an iPhone. No freaking way! I bought a Motorola RAZR on Rogers’ pay-as-you-go plan. Jessica told me that they have a $100 voucher that expires after a year. The plan she’s on has 1¢ evenings and weekend and her first $100 lasted almost exactly a year. That’s less than $10 a month, thank you very much.

I doubt my $100 will last that long, but the phone will certainly not cost me what they charge for a monthly plan.

So here I am, with a mobile phone of my own. I’ve had it for nearly a month now and have received exactly three calls. Don’t ask me how many text messages I’ve received. I’m not sure I can count that high.