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Personal plans a‑okay

I managed to stay out of the feed-bag on Tuesday morning so I could go get my blood drawn. Everything went fine, except for two minor things.

First, lab-dude had trouble drawing my blood so I had to get re-punctured with a second needle. Not a big deal.

Second, I had to submit urine this time and no one told me that I can’t have peed for at least an hour before filling the cup. I had to take the cup with me and bring it back later. What a pain, but I returned later the same day just to get the damned thing done.

When my doctor wants blood work, I typically ask for extra tests. I want cholesterol, blood sugar, and all the STDs…whether or not I’ve had the opportunity to contract any STDs. The purpose of getting the blood drawn is for tests, so why not have these things tested as well? It seems prudent.

My doctor tells me every time that chlamydia can’t be detected via a blood test, but if I had it, I’d certainly know. This time she asked if I wanted to test for it anyway. I agreed. Thus the urine sample.

As is the typical practise, I was told that I’d be informed if there were any problems or concerns. I asked if I could call anyway. Just in case, you know? My doctor, who is the best ever, asked if I wanted a copy of the results. I asked “You mean I can come in and get a copy?” She said, “No, if I just add a note to the request, the lab will send you a copy of the results, in addition to the copy they send to me.” See? She’s the best. Of course I want my own copy!

This way, I won’t have to wait until the next time to see where my cholesterol stands. I dearly hope I’m not above 5.0 this time…but I’ll soon see for myself!


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  1. gryan

    Is she accepting new patients? I haven’t got a doctor, and am on the prowl…

  2. I have an appointment on Tuesday…let me find out. She’s in Kanata though.

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