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More personal plans go awry

Sometimes our brains seem to work against us, don’t they?

When I saw my doctor last week, she told me she wanted to get some routine blood work done because it’s been a long time. Cool by me, so she wrote up the required paperwork. I can take the form into the lab at my convenience and have them draw my blood. No appointment is necessary though I may have to wait if I choose to go during lunch. Even still, I’ve never had to wait more than ten minutes.

Last night I decided I was going to go and get it done today. I made sure not to eat or drink anything after midnight so I could go at lunch and still fulfil the required 12 hour fast. No problem, right? When I came into work, I noticed a small package of ju-jubes on my desk. I ate two before I realized what I had done. Frack it.

So there will be no going to the lab to have my blood drawn today. It’ll have to wait until tomorrow. In the meantime, I’m eating all the snacks at my desk to make sure this doesn’t happen tomorrow. That’s the ticket… it’s the responsible thing to do!


Plans go awry


Personal plans a‑okay

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  1. WTL

    Ah, ju-jubes. The downfall of all people who shouldn’t be eating anything.

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