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A while ago, Lori asked me why I don’t drink coffee. I explained that it tastes like hot water with far too little taste. Further, I don’t know why anyone drinks the stuff because it’s such a non-entity, drink-wise. She suggested that I need to try good coffee. I didn’t argue because it’s probably been two decades since I last tried the stuff.

She let me have a sip of her signature Starbuck’s decaf venti vanilla soy latte. I knew that I would not full-on like it because I’m not partial to soy milk. I was still eager to try it because I was curious about the non-soy parts. Not only haven’t I had coffee in decades, but I’ve never had a latte. It’s a foreign thing to me.

So I tried it. The soy didn’t work for me, as I suspected. There were other flavours in there, though. I’d definitely have to try one made to my own specifications.

Last Monday, I ordered a venti vanilla latte. The first thing I did was burn my tongue. Those things are fracking hot. I wasn’t sure about it. I could certainly drink it, but did I like it? After letting it cool further, I didn’t like it. Rather, I loved it. All that milky-foam goodness with a kick of espresso. What’s not to like?

Looking up the nutritional info, I was stunned to see the venti and grande lattes contain 150mg of caffeine! That’s about four Coke’s worth! Goodbye Red Bull…

After updating my FaceBook status with the results of this test, Lori responded in kind:

Lori is warning Rick. Watch out for Starbucks! She’s a wicked, wicked Mistress! She’ll slap you around but you’ll love her anyway!

I commented that trying to warn me off while she loves the mistress isn’t the most effective dissuasion. And so it wasn’t. I’ve had one every day last week. Why not? They’re tasty! I suspect I won’t end up having one every day as a matter of habit, but can see the latte being something I frequently enjoy.

Friday, I skipped the latte but found myself in Chapters at 8:30 p.m. Not wanting all that caffeine, I tried a decaf. It was okay, but I could certainly taste the difference. Not as good. Saturday morning I tried my latte with whole milk instead of the standard 2%. Man, was it ever good. All the options to explore!

Interestingly, Lori yesterday offered me a taste of some coffee she brewed. It was a good coffee, but tasted to me like hot water without nearly enough flavour. So I have confirmation that I really am not a coffee person.


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  1. Shawn

    Ha,ha, Rick has turned to the dark side! or is that the dark roasted side? Us caffeine addicts just love when a virgin falls.

  2. Brent

    STOP! Think about what you are doing…you are heading down the road of evil! First a coffee, a latte there and soon you are hooked. sigh…caffeine is not good for you. Get some sleep if you need it. Sleep is good. zzzzzzz

  3. sethra

    I HATE Starbucks coffee, if their beverages could even be called coffee. I like coffee, but have not had anything from that overpriced place that tastes good. Maybe they’re different in Canada…

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