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The heart test

Dee posted her results of the Heart Test, one of the many cornball quizzes available for your amusement on the IntarWebTubes. Curious, I gave it a spin and this popped out:

Your heart type: Slave to Emotions

You are 50% Independent, 70% Idealistic, 70% Intimate, and 70% Indulgent!

You are the most emotional of hearts, the Slave to Your Emotions. You crave love, and have high standards for love. You are very intimate and value harmony with a mate. Sometimes you may feel that you are over-emotional and see this as a curse at times, because you are so emotionally-charged, and you so greatly desire love. You might want to break the emotional chains that bind you, but find that the ideals of love and intimacy are firmly shackled to you and cannot be severed.

I can see the truth of a lot of what it says if I only read the facts. The way they word it however, makes it sound far too flowery and fairy-tale to really represent me.

What bugs me the most about these quizzes is how there are only two choices to questions that may have a spectrum of possible answers. These tests ultimately serve no purpose, save our amusement, but it still annoys me!

And speaking of annoying, the quiz site hosting the Heart Test is supremely annoying. You answer some 30 questions, and are then prompted to sign up before they’ll give you your results. Annoying!


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  1. _don

    Well, of course I had to take it:

    Reclusive Heart

    You are 60% Independent, 50% Idealistic, 70% Intimate, and 70% Indulgent!

    You are the most aloof of hearts, the Reclusive Heart. You are down-to-earth and don’t mind being alone, but at the same time you are intimate and value harmony when you are in a relationship. You may seem standoffish, but you simply realize that the love of another isn’t everything as long as you love yourself. However, you do value the closeness of another, but don’t need it to be happy.

  2. Jonathan


    should have finished reading the post before taking the test.

    30 q’s?


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