Kendra and I watched Weeds tonight. It was the second episode of season four, called “Lady’s a Charm.” Good episode. I would’ve liked it even more if I hadn’t managed to cut off the last five minutes because of a mistake in my programming the VCR. (My apologies in advance, L&R.) That said, I wasn’t expecting to see Nancy Botwin pee into a plastic cup.

So far, this season is a hell of a departure. Cheers to the writers for shaking things up. We’ll see if it hangs together or flies apart.

Favourite quote:

Shane: “Please can I come with you, mom?”

Nancy: “No…honey. I need some alone time and you just told your brother to suck your dick. Gross.”

My miscellaneous comment on the episode:

Nancy’s wearing a nice dress in this episode, especially with how high the bottom of it is. I don’t care for the front of it though. But her shoes! Nancy…please, no more wedges!