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Wrong ‘number’

This evening I received a text message from a Toronto phone number:

Hey i miss you im cnmeing down soon i cant wait

I lovely message, but it would be better still if I knew the person it was from. I have never seen the number before so I suspect I wasn’t the intended recipient. I mentioned it to Kendra, saying that I was tempted to reply, but didn’t really see the point. She suggested that it was worth the SMS charge to do it. Upon reflection, I agreed. So I replied:

I think you’ve got the wrong number, but you’re welcome to come by anyway. 🙂

I doubt I’ll get a response, but I’d be amused if I turn out to be wrong. Kendra also asked me if this event would make it into a posting.

I told her to be quiet.


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What I really meant was…

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  1. _don

    Why don’t you ask the Magic 8 Ball if you will get a response. Of course, it will be wrong. 😉

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