Dates: November 19 to December 8
Odometer: 26948 to 27820
Distance travelled: 871.8 km
Fuel used: 52.893 litres

Calculated fuel economy:
6.1 l/100 km
38.8 miles/US gallon
46.6 miles/imperial gallon

Diesel came down 6¢ to 98.9¢/litre since my last fill-up. This is the first time I’ve paid less than $1/litre and I was happy to see the litre quantity increase faster than the dollar quantity on the pump! Tempering my pleasure at the 6¢ drop in price was my noticing that regular unleaded dropped 9¢ to 67.2¢/litre.

My fuel economy is also down, both from the increased consumption the cold brings, and because they have to cut diesel fuel with kerosene in the winter. Diesel itself will start to ‘gel’ in the cold and become too thick to run through the fuel lines so they add kerosene to keep it liquid, with a slight fuel economy penalty.