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Here puff!

When I’m speaking to someone, and I want to pretend to distract them, I often invoke a phrase from The Simpsons episode, “Fear of Flying.” For example, imagine we’re having a discussion and you bring up a solid argument to which I have no response. I’ll point behind you and say, “Look! A dog with a puffy tail!”

To my great surprise, this phrase seems to have a personal origin far older than The Simpsons. At least part of the phrase, anyway. Check out this fabulous piece of art I created when I was just a wee lad:

Look at the caption! Isn’t it uncanny?




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  1. Jessica

    I know you added that caption when you went home for the holidays! The picture I believe you did when you were a kid, though. Just look at those crayon strokes! Masterful.

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