I’m pleased with my exercise for the month. You’ll recall that early in the month, I planned to focus on putting in my exercise time and to stop letting it slip.

The biggest surprise was that my estimate of getting to it perhaps three days a week was probably an overestimation. Having recorded what I did in January, I was surprised to see that I used my exercise machine on 16 days. There were a few days during which I did some weights and not the machine. If you count these days, the total comes up to 20. I don’t count those days.

Now I have a point of comparison for February. Knowing myself, this alone will ensure I exercise more often. Despite my wanting to have exercised on more days, my time on the Heathrider in January totalled 8 hours during which I burned 3881 calories by completing 12504 repetitions.

Bring it on, February!