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Don passed along a copy of Mens’ Health Living that he was finished with. One regular ‘question and answer’ feature is called “Johnny the Contractor.” Readers can submit questions regarding home repairs involving contractors. This one was of particular interest:

I just got a bid from a carpenter. Nice guy, but he’s a one-man operation. How can I tell if he’s a pro?

Andrew, Tucson, AZ

You can learn more about a carpenter from his truck than from is résumé. The next time he swings by, meet him in the driveway and peek into his flatbed. Is it scraped up and dinged? Good. Those are battle scars from years of hard work. Next, check the cab. Is the passenger seat littered with trash? Bad sign — that’s how he’s going to leave your house at the end of each day. Finally, look at the gearshift. Is it an automatic? Run! Men who are good with their hands drive sticks.

[Emphasis mine.] So if you didn’t know this, ladies, you do now.


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  1. Jonathan


    In North America it is like pulling teeth to buy a domestic truck with a standard transmission. Also if the guy let the bed of his truck get scratched/beat up because he neglected to install a bedliner or spray in a Rhinolining then that’s how much thought and care he’s going to put into your job. This guy’s work probably comes with a tail light warranty.

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