MotoArt takes decommissioned aircraft and makes other things from them. I don’t mean they reduce the aircraft to raw materials. Take this desk, for instance:

As described on their site:

Be one of the few to own a MotoArt B‑25 Bomber Desk. This extremely limited edition series consists of the elevators from the famous “Mitchell” bomber. The skeletal aluminum frame once hidden by cloth is now clearly visible and beautifully finished with a metallic powder coat color of your choice. The desk surface is ½″ tempered glass with polished edges following the outline of this piece. The base and leg assembly, made from stained hardwood with capped aluminum polished feet, designed to compliment the unit.

Before you even ask, no price is listed. You have to request a quote. I have no doubt these items are deep into the “if you have to ask, you can’t afford it” territory.

Perhaps you’re looking for some unusual furniture for your company. The receptionist is the first person most visitors will see. If you want to leave a lasting impression, maybe this is the trick:

I suppose it would depend on the decor, but I think the receptionist’s desk is far more interesting for what it is than how it looks:

Jumbo size your reception area with our new 747 Cowling Desk. These hard to find engine cowlings are 100″ in diameter. The finish is a sanded and mirror polished aluminum surface. An average of 2 or 3 of these jumbos come off the line every year, so availability is extremely limited. We maximized the workspace on this cowling by designing a hardwood desktop and lower shelf system with a ¼″ black glass-working surface.

I wouldn’t want to have to keep it clean!

Images and quoted text courtesy of MotoArt