The effects continue to cascade. I came home Friday evening to find that I had no Internet connectivity. I thought I had an issue with my modem. No amount of fooling with it made any difference. Then it struck me. I’d cancelled my home phone and expected the Internet to be disconnected as well. It didn’t happen then…but it did happen eventually. It just took a little longer.

It also happened at the worst possible time. The National Capital Freenet is a not-for-profit outfit. There’s no one there outside of business hours. I had to wait until Monday morning to even report the problem! I expect that once they get on the phone with Bell, it won’t take long to fix the problem.

I don’t need the Internet to survive. Not by a long-shot. That said, not having it is inconvenient. It also left me feeling quiet isolated as I have a fair amount of contact with friends via e-mail and Facebook between face-to-face meetings.

I’ve never considered dumping the Internet to save money, but I now have confirmation that it would be a very bad idea. Here’s hoping the volunteers manning the NCF help-desk can expedite the reinstatement of my connection to the whole wide world.

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  1. My question is if you have no internet connection, how did you write this? Hmmmm. Perhaps you are making this up just for the STORY? Come on, tell the truth…

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