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Still no Internet

It’s day 11 of no Internet at my place. Let me take you through the time line:

Monday, March 9

My phone number is switched to my mobile phone. Strangely, my land line still works. I can make calls, but it doesn’t ring. I call Bell and try to cancel it. Once they realize that it’s a number that’s being switched, they explain to me that it’s impossible that both phones work at the same time on the same number. That it’s actually happening doesn’t seem to phase the rep. I thank him and end the call. If it’s impossible, they can’t charge me for it, right?

Tuesday, March 10

My land line stops working. I expected my DSL Internet connection to fail as well, but it doesn’t. Excellent.

Friday, March 13

I come home to find the Internet has gone out. Given that my provider is a non-profit organization, they’re open only during business hours. I have to wait until Monday to inform them of the problem.

Monday, March 16

I’m on the phone to the NCF, first thing in the morning. I leave a message with all the details. I leave a second message 2:00 p.m. and they get back to me at 3:30 p.m. at long last.

They explain to me that the transition to a ‘dry’ DSL service (that is, DSL without voice) isn’t as simple as switching it over. They have to cancel my service, and start over. So I need to get online and re-apply, just as I did when I initially signed up. If I were calling from home, I’d have asked how I’m supposed to do that with my service having gone out. Further, I’m told that it could take until next Monday or Tuesday to get service. I swore. Since I’m at work, I sign up right away and they call back to let me know they’ve received my application and sent off a request to Bell. They have to send someone out to my building.

They promise to call me back in the morning with the activation date.

Tuesday, March 17

No call back.

Wednesday, March 18

No call back.

I call them after hours and leave a message explaining that I did not receive the call I was promised, and that I really hoped that the process wasn’t stalled.

Thursday, March 19

They call and explain that they’re very sorry they didn’t call. The good news is Bell would be sending out a tech the next day and once he makes the necessary adjustment, I’d be good to go. But someone would have to be there. I explained that I am in a building and asked if they need access to the building, or access to my apartment. The answer wasn’t exactly clear, so I decided to stay home despite having a bad feeling about it.

Friday, March 20

No one shows up. No one calls. Nothing.

Sunday, March 22

I call the NCF and leave a message explaining that no one showed up. I explain that I am not pleased. So now what?

Monday, March 23

They call and tell me that Bell moved the appointment to today. Bell didn’t tell me and Bell didn’t tell them. They only know this because they checked the system in response to my query. Obviously I’m not home but he suggested that I call my building’s super and let them know that Bell would be coming. I did so, immediately. My super asked if I give permission for them to go into my apartment if requested. I gave permission after confirming that they’d stay with the Bell tech if this is necessary.

So if the tech shows up, which is a big if, I should have Internet service tonight. I’m not betting the farm on it … not when it’s Bell that we’re talking about.


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  1. Shawn

    Face it, Bell does not care about any of its customers. They own the lines, you are their hostage. End of discussion!

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