VANOC is suing Coast2Coast tickets. They claim the ticket reseller is misleading buyers into believing that they are an official Olympic ticket seller.

The CBC says the Coast2Coast site wasn’t offering tickets as of last night, but a cached version of the site showed opening ceremony tickets for as much as $9811 each. The article then reveals that the highest official price for opening ceremony tickets is $1118.

I can’t decide what’s worse. A reseller charging nearly nine times the face value for tickets, or VANOC charging more than $1100 for a single ticket! Certainly both get away with this because people are willing to pay. If they can get the money, then good for them. I’ll still wonder about the people who pay … especially for an Olympic ‘event’ without any sports.

The way ticket prices have gone out of control in the last decade or two is responsible for concerts largely disappearing from my ‘to do’ list. I’ll go see Rush when they tour, but that’s about it. I’m simply not interested enough in other artists to figure out when they tour, get the tickets, pay for them, and go. I might be tempted if someone I knew did all that work and asked me along, but no one I know goes to many concerts. The prices have increased to the point that most people aren’t interested.

Would I be interested in attending an Olympic event? Sure I would … but not if I have to take out a loan for the ticket itself!