On SciFi Wire, Michael Cassutt has an interesting article about how series endings of science-fiction and fantasy programs are often quite different than ‘regular’ dramas. The article is called, “Columnist Michael Cassutt examines the endings of Battlestar, Lost and more,” which must be the most awful article title ever. Still, don’t hold this against the content.

An important point is summed up very nicely this way:

On NYPD Blue, the characters were cops. There was no big secret about their world, or the characters. There was no big reveal in the last episode about Andy Sipowicz — he didn’t turn out to be a robot.

My favourite part is a discussion of the different types of endings, with examples. Let me just list the types:

  • Happy ending
  • Unhappy ending
  • Interrupted ending
  • Whiskey Tango Foxtrot ending

That last one makes me laugh every time.