I had not intended to post about the H1N1 virus again so soon. I don’t want to get all bent out of shape over every little thing, like the media, but I think this is genuine news. There’s been a surge in the infections. Check out my updated graph. I wouldn’t normally have it so large, but I wanted to keep roughly the same vertical scale as the previous graph I posted.

After a few days of 300 to 500 additional cases, each day this weekend added nearly a thousand cases to the total. Friday ended with 2500 confirmed cases and just two days later, Sunday ends with 4379 confirmed cases. Interestingly, the United States has more cases than Mexico, with 2254 and 1626 cases, respectively. The United States has had only two deaths versus Mexico’s 45, however. Canada’s next with 280 cases and one death.

If you’re wondering why the graph looks a little different, it’s because I used only a single value per day. They issued only a single update for each day this weekend so it was simpler to just delete the first of the two values for each weekday. The total remains unchanged and it has also smoothed out the line somewhat.

I wonder what this development means. On Friday, it looked like the rate of increase was slowing, but perhaps it’s not. Personally, I’m not worried because the symptoms are comparatively minor for most people outside Mexico. I’m concerned, but not full-on worried.