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Global TV’s web site describes the program Brothers & Sisters this way:

“Brothers And Sisters” is a compelling, new one-hour primetime drama

It’s new all right. Brand new! So brand new that Global TV aired the third season finale last night. Keep up the good work on making sure your site is fresh and up to date!

I was hoping to view the episode on-line because there was a scene I was hoping to comment on, with a screen capture. The ABC site limits episode streaming to the United States. This is understandable because networks showing the same programs in foreign markets don’t want viewers to bypass them and watch a stream from the US. It’s a little frustrating when the limitiation is in place and the foreign network steams a bunch of shows, but not the one you want to view.

Yea, I’m looking at you, Global. Ass-hats.


‘Spread’ is the word


Protest for Tigers

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  1. Shawn

    And you wonder why Global is 50 cents shy of going bankrupt. From the network that can only give us an HD show when it is being broadcast at the same time from their American source.

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