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Up your royal ass

I got spam from one of my banks. It’s a ‘newsletter’ called Pursuits & Possibilities from the Royal Bank.

The insulting part is the small print at the end:

You are receiving this email update, Pursuits & Possibilities, because you have agreed to receive information about RBC products, services or offers that may benefit you.

Bullshit I did.

So I click the unsubscribe link. This page comes up:

Click submit. Do you see ‘submit’? I don’t. Oh, they’re hilarious over there at the Royal Bank.

I notice that the domain is and I block cookies from all sites that I don’t explicitly allow. Certainly this domain is not on my allowed list. Knowing this, I open Safari to see what the same URL shows. I get a simple message:

Safari can’t open the page “” because the page’s address isn’t valid.

It looks like the Royal Bank has a re-direct set up so that even if you check the URL in the message, you’re sent off to another company. Lovely.

Thinking that the bank may be stuck in 1998, I open a Windows virtual machine and start Internet Explorer 6. There, everything comes up just fine. Too late though, because after Safari failed, I followed the ‘Contact Us’ link on and left a brief message:

I received a “Pursuit & Possibilities” newsletter from you. I selected the unsubscribe link, and the page I was taken to instructed me to click ‘unsubscribe.’ If I weren’t annoyed, I would have been amused that there was no unsubscribe button/link.

Send me anything you want through the post, but only use my e‑mail address for things I specifically request. As far as I’m aware, all I’ve asked for is notification that my monthly statement is ready to be downloaded.

If I’ve previously requested any other e‑mail communication, let this message serve as notice that I’m rescinding everything else.

How long can I expect these changes to take?

They picked a bad time for this. I was in a mood already, and being spammed by a company I deal with doesn’t help.

What will it take for companies to realize that they will get nowhere by pissing off current and potential customers? Until they wise up, fuck them.


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  1. Shawn

    The Royal Bank is good a pissing off people. They have been like that for years. they pissed me off so bad, that I once left $1 in a free checking account for over 15 years and let them send me monthly statements. It gave me great joy to know it cost them more than what they were making off my $1 to process the account. I know I am but one person and compared to what the rip us off for this is nothing, but it made me feel good.

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